Charlie Klink: A Man of Valor and Heritage

Although Lawrenceburg is a small town, it is blessed with a long heritage of people of valor and accomplishment.  Charlie Klink, who just recently turned 95 years old, has been living in Lawrenceburg since 1947 when he moved here from Louisville to open his pharmacy on Main Street which is now home to Bluegrass Sabor.  Running his pharmacy for around 65 years, Charlie has made an impact to the community and beyond.

Charlie originally grew up in Louisville and attended the Louisville Male High School.  After graduating, he went into pharmacy school for just long enough earn his degree before joining the US Navy’s medical corp to help fight World War II.

Attached to a marine unit as the marines didn’t have a medical corp, according to Charlie, he traveled the world, seeing many major Asian cities, including Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.  While stationed in China, he got to experience his first and only typhoon, which is the name given to hurricanes in that region. “It’ll lift up anything that’ll come along,” Charlie said while commenting the total destruction caused by the storm.

After leaving the navy, Charlie went back to Louisville but really wanted to move out of the city.  He wanted to live in Lawrenceburg and so moved to town and opened his pharmacy on Main Street in November of 1947.

He remembers how different Lawrenceburg was at that time.  People would drive to Main Street and park to just talk to people. “I can remember when we first came here, people would come in town and sit in their car and stay in that car all day, and at night, go back home,” Charlie said.

He also remembers how good the Kavanaugh School was back then.  The school, which is now a private residence on Woodford Street, used to be home to the Kavanaugh Academy that offered rigorous education that was unparalleled for a small school in a small town.  Charlie remembers meeting someone who was accepted to the Naval Academy because of the academics at the school.

Now in 2016, Lawrenceburg has changed greatly, and Charlie’s pharmacy has been reborn as the Bluegrass Sabor.  With the new parking lot next door and the renovations to the building, Charlie is happy with what his pharmacy is now.  “It’s really good to have a place like that to be able to take people to,” Charlie said.

In his retirement, Charlie is trying to find those things that keeps him interested. “There’s more to do than people think,” Charlie said.

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