Students Perform Seussical Junior at Saffell Street

Meredith LewisLouise Perry and Nancye Hyatt

Yesterday, Saffell Street Elementary held their annual art show and play to a large crowd of excited students and family.  It started off with music teacher Meredith Lewis introducing the Saffell Singers Choir who performed two pieces, one of which was used earlier in the year for the all state choir auditions where three students were chosen.  After the two songs, Saffell students then performed a shortened version of Seussical Junior which is based off of characters from Dr Seuss.  The play consisted of hundreds of 1st and 2nd graders putting together a great performance.  After all the performances, the school hosted an art show at the school library.  They displayed the students work and information about what they learned in the artwork.

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