Sweet Mash Sees Success in Bourbon Tourism

Dawn Bogie and Tamara Smith

One of the first new stores to open on Main Street is quickly approaching its first year anniversary.  Sweet Mash officially opened its doors in June of last year and has become a hit for both local residents and tourists alike.  As the brainchild of Tamara Smith and Dawn Bogie, Sweet Mash has taken the bourbon tourist industry to a new level, offering a great selection of unique bourbon and local Kentucky items that are difficult to find anywhere else.

Before starting Sweet Mash, Tamara and Dawn were best friends ever since childhood.  Growing up together in Anderson County, they went to the same schools.  After graduating from high school, they parted ways and went to different universities.  Dawn even moved to the west coast for a number of years after college, but the two kept in touch and stayed good friends.

After moving back to Kentucky, Dawn received a phone call from Tamara, pitching her the idea of opening a bourbon themed store.  Tamara wanted to create something that would help the town and have a store based on something they both loved.  “She loves bourbon as as I do,” Tamara said.

When thinking of the idea, Tamara saw Lawrenceburg was missing out on the bourbon tourist industry as it has two distilleries but had no tourists stops based on it.  “I have seen where this community is missing out on the whole bourbon industry,”  Tamara said.  “It’s been strange how the town has never honed in on it.”

Together, Dawn and Tamara planned and stocked Sweet Mash with many unique items.  They’ve gone to many stores in other cities around the state looking for vendors that produce bourbon and Kentucky themed items.  “There’s so much out there,” Tamara said while commenting how hard it is not to bring everything in the store.  Although they don’t sell bourbon, they carry a host of unique items, many themed on bourbon and Kentucky.

But, Sweet Mash also carries even locally made items.  Many people from the the county have approached them to sell their crafts.  “We always have our eyes open,” Dawn said as the pair continues to learn from what customers are looking for.

As they look to the future, both Dawn and Tamara are incredibly optimistic with the growth and change they have seen in the town.  They have seen a revitalization of Main Street and look forward to participating in upcoming events.  Dawn has also quit her regular job and now works at the store full time.

For more information about Sweet Mash, check out their Facebook page.

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