Saffell House Funeral Home Helping Families Before a Funeral

Mackenzie and Nathan Morris

Mackenzie and Nathan Morris

End of life planning can be hard for many, as planning for one’s own or a loved one’s funeral is not something many are wanting to do.  But, doing so may help relieve both the burden of choice and cost from relatives when the time comes.

According to Mackenzie Morris from Saffell House Funeral Home, pre-arranging a funeral is new service they’re offering that allows the funeral home to go beyond just funeral services and help Lawrenceburg families. “If we can provide a service that can help people before they past away, that’s a huge goal,” Mackenzie said.

Pre-arranging and pre-funding a funeral is like an insurance policy meant to not only plan a funeral but also lock in the costs no matter how far into the future the policy is called upon.  According to Mackenzie, this type of pre-funding works especially well for those who don’t already have life insurance or have debt that will have to be settled.  The pre-funding will allow payment of a funeral no matter the value of one’s estate at the time of death.

Mackenzie explained that there are two different types of pre-funding available.  The first would be a single payment type system where the insurance company Mackenzie has partnered with, Investors Heritage, will then pay for the funeral and any increase to the cost of the planned funeral.

The second option would be through a spread out payment plan from 1 to 10 years, adjusted depending on answers to health questions (three year minimum before claiming if the health questions can’t be answered).  This allows many to have coverage of funeral expenses even if the policy has to be claimed before the end of the payment plan.  The system is also flexible where it isn’t dependent on a funeral home and can be transferred if one moves.

For more information about pre-funding and other funeral services, contact Mackenzie at the Saffell House Funeral Home.

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