Bye Bye Birdie Finishes with Large Crowd

This past Sunday marked the final showing of the Anderson County High School ACT CATS’ rendition of the great comedy, Bye Bye Birdie.  The play, set in the 1950’s, parodies the story of Elvis Presley who was drafted into the Army in 1957.  Conrad Birdie, the featured rock star and played by Dalton Lewis, is the center of attention as young women crave for his attention and his manager, Albert Peterson, played by Trey Darnell, tries to figure out a way to save his career when his star leaves for the army.

For the last showing of the play on Sunday afternoon, the high school students put on a tremendous performance to an unexpectedly large crowd.  Check out the video above to see parts of the show.

Main Cast:

Albert Peterson – Trey Darnell
Rose Alvarez – Amy Kate Smith
Kim MacAfee – Bell White
Hugo Peabody – Jacob Rutherford
Conrad Birdie – Dalton Lewis
Mrs Mae Peterson – Katie Shouse
Mr Harry MacAfee – Ben Black
Mrs Doris MacAfee – Katy Carmichael
Randolph MacAfee – Jonah Adams
Mrs Merkle – Lindsey Eastman
Ursula Merkle – Lydia Fuqua
Harvey Johnson – Jacob Rutherford
Mayor – Aaron Flynn
Mayor’s Wife – Abby Parrish
Mr Johnson – Tanner Miller
Gloria Rasputin – Savannah Quire
Bartender/Policeman – Tanner Miller

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