Making Lawrenceburg Beautiful One Yard at a Time

Jason and Debbie Denny for Clean Cut Lawn Care

Jason and Debbie Denny for Clean Cut Lawn Care

Cutting grass and landscaping has been a passion for Jason Denny.  Jason, who also serves as our county clerk, started mowing lawns back in high school as an agricultural project for the FFA.  This single project would eventually turn into his successful Clean Cut Lawn Care business.  With just a push mower, weed trimmer, and a driver’s permit, he started mowing lawns while his mother went around with him for the first few weeks until he got his driver’s license.

As a small business, it quickly took off, mowing three lawns regularly the first year.  The next year, with some help from his father, he purchased a riding mower and cut thirteen yards including his father’s lawn as a way to pay for the mower.  By the third year, he was up to 30 yards without a single advertisement.

Even after graduating high school, he kept the business going.  Attending college didn’t stop him either.  “While I was at college at UK, I would come home for two days a week and mow and drive back,”  Jason said.

After graduating from UK, he then got a job at General Cable while his landscaping and mowing business kept growing.  Hiring friends, he kept Lawrenceburg’s grass cut while working different shifts at the factory.  “I worked at the factory, some day time, some night time, and sleep a while and then get up and mow,” Jason said.

Then in 2007, he left General Cable to work full time on his business as it kept growing.  But his dream job would soon open when former county clerk, Harold Ritchie passed away in 2008.  He decided to run for the position and won the election.  At that point, he realized he needed more help at his landscaping business and so he hired a number of full time employees.

Today, Jason and his wife, Debbie, who does all the office work at Clean Cut Lawn Care, have a thriving business mowing, landscaping, mulching, removing snow, and more.  Jason still does most of the landscape bidding personally after he’s done at the county clerk’s office.  During the summer months at night and during the weekends, you’ll see him and his crew working hard to make Lawrenceburg beautiful, one yard at a time.

For more information about Clean Cut Lawn Care, you can call them at 502-839-1826 or 502-680-0878.

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