Governor Matt Bevin Visits Business Expo

Jason and Debbie Denny for Clean Cut Lawn CareKORT Physical TherapyMayor Goodlett and Judge Executive GrittonGovernor Matt BevinGovernor Matt Bevin, Judge Executive Gritton, State Representative Tipton, Mayor GoodlettJudge Van Meter and State Representative TiptonLinda Osborn and Karen Whitehouse for Anderson Humane SocietyLinda Young, Chee Chee Rogers, Marilyn Proctor for the LIGHT CenterJackie Nickell for Century 21 CommonwealthJackie Nickell and Cheryl SteenersonBobby McCoun, Luke Makowski, Barry Drury, Joe Perkins for Bluegrass EnergyDonna Nicolette and Nettie Halvorson for American Legion AuxiliaryNathan and Mackenzie Morris for the Saffell House Funeral HomeBrittany Wofford and Roxanne Ethington for Town and Country BankMechelle Rose, Melissa Lenguadoro, Chasity Beasley, Shelly Grimes, Bernice Harrod for Century BankCapp Turner for the Rotary ClubCentury Bank reps, Governor Matt Bevin, Dave and Lois Ann Disponett

Today was the annual Anderson County Chamber of Commerce Business Expo, which was held at the convention center at Eagle Lake.  The Business Expo is a great way for businesses, organizations, and more to get their word out to the residents of the county through giveaways, marketing materials, etc.  This year’s expo had dozens of vendors and a special guest, Governor Matt Bevin.

Governor Bevin discussed a number of topics, especially with the situation the county is having with KY Route 151.  KY151 is at the heart of continual accidents of both cars and trucks, causing serious damage and injuries.  The governor highlighted the process of how change is happening when our Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton and other residents approached him about the problem.

The governor explained that the state couldn’t ban truck traffic outright from KY151 because it is within 15 miles of Interstate 64.  But, he decided to petition the federal government to remove the road from the national map for authorized truck use.  If approved, it would take much of the truck traffic off the road. After the governor’s talk, other local politicians gave speeches.

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