Anderson Public Library Presents the Frisch Marionettes

On Monday night, the Anderson Public Library hosted a fun event at the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg’s gym for all the young children of the county.  The library invited the Frisch Marionette Company to perform a great puppet show to entertain and even educate the audience.

Kevin Frisch and Tiffany Bennett performed two performances with marionettes that are “larger than life,” according to Kevin.  The marionettes that they used were 36-40 inches tall instead of the normal 20-24 inches.

The show started with Kevin performing a great introduction to marionettes and how they’re constructed.  It then went on to the first of two main shows, called “Peter and the Wolf.”  According to Kevin, “Peter and the Wolf” is originally a musical piece with a narrated story where orchestral instruments play the parts of the characters.  The second show, called the “Frog Prince,” takes place at the same meadow as “Peter and the Wolf” and features a ballet.  Altogether, the children had a really fun experience.

For more information about the Frisch Marionettes, check out their website.

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