KORT Holds Event to Help Prevent Baseball Injuries

Jason and Huston MonarchDr Andrew DuffeeSteve Herrenbruck Screening PlayerSteve Herrenbruck Screening PlayerFrom left, Leslie Cheung, Chris Kaczmarek, Angie Moore, Chad Thompson, Matt Berry

Last week, KORT Physical Therapy, which is located by Kroger, held a special presentation and screening to help young baseball players avoid common injuries with the start of the upcoming season.  For the presentation, physical therapist, Matthew Berry, athletic trainer, Steve Herrenbruck, and orthopedic surgeon from Shelbyville, Dr Andrew Duffee, gave very valuable information to the parents and players, who ranged from 10 years old to high school students.  Jason Monarch and his son, Huston, attended the presentation to make sure his son didn’t suffer the same problem he did when he played baseball.

The presentation focused on prevention to arm injuries, which tend to be the most common injuries for baseball players.  “Emphasize protecting young arms,” Dr Duffee said in explanation of the presentation.  Dr Duffee, who has been helping ACHS athletes with injuries, went on about the various injuries that could happen, especially for young players.

He particularly stressed a number of issues that lead to injuries.  The first is overuse from pitching too many times during a game and/or too many games a week.  Small injuries from over pitching are cumulative which can cause major injuries at high school or college levels.  Other major issues come from poor pitching mechanics and trying specialty pitches at a young age.

After Dr Duffee’s presentation, the players were screened for range of motion and stability tests from a number of KORT therapists from around the region.  During the screenings, both Matthew and Steve gave further presentations going over ways to prevent injuries through exercises, mechanics, and more.

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