Fire Dept Training to Keep Us Safe Despite Faster Burning Furniture

Chief Bobby Hume, Keith Nowlin, Bill Curtsinger, Drew Nershon, Charles Woods, Micah Parks, John Robinson, Dakota Hays, Austin Taylor, Katherine Read, Deputy Chief Tim Read, Rex Riley, Rusty Mullikin, not shown TC Fannin

On Thursday night, the Lawrenceburg Fire Department held a physically and mentally tough exercise to keep all of us safer.  Newby’s Furniture, which is located by Kroger, allowed the fire department to use their warehouse building as a simulated house with furniture.  The firefighters donned their full equipment that would protect them while rescuing a person trapped in a fire, except for one important difference.  They blackened their hoods to make it seem like as if the warehouse was full of black smoke

According to Fire Chief Bobby Hume, the firefighters had to crawl around the warehouse feeling their way forward, like they would have to do in a real fire.  As they progressed further, they checked the floors, beds, and furniture for victims of the simulated fire.  “Lot of times the patient or person will be passed out on the floor,”  Bobby said.  Once they found a volunteer firefighter playing the victim, the team would have to move the patient back to the front of the building.

Much of the simulated training is in response to the changes that firefighters are seeing across the country as materials used for furniture have rapidly changed in the last decade.  Bobby explained that newer furniture is made out of more and more synthetic/petroleum based materials which burn faster than natural fibers like cotton.

This faster burning furniture can create a condition called flash over much more rapidly.  “Flash over is when a whole room ignites,” Bobby explained.  And the newer materials will cause flash over in under three and a half minutes compared to twenty minutes with furniture based on natural fibers.  Now with the training, our firefighters are more prepared to move faster to save a victim of a house fire before flash over occurs.

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