Family Dog Hit By Car, Needs Help

BrandoBrandoDianna, Delana, and Marty HendrixBrando and Marty Hendrix

Tragedy struck an Anderson County family, yesterday.  Dianna and Marty Hendrix adopted a Great Pyrenees puppy, named Brando, less than a year ago. Brando, who has been like a son to Dianna, was struck by a car yesterday.  “He was hit by a vehicle while out on our farm. He came up to the house dragging his leg,” Delana, one of Dianna and Marty’s daughters, said.

Rushing Brando to the vet, the Hendrix’s realized just how bad the injuries were.  The surgery to correct his broken bones is extensive.  With plates and screws, the cost for the surgery is a staggering $3,000.

Dianna, who was a receptionist at Anderson County High School and a hair stylist, currently works at Walmart as a cashier.  Her husband, Marty, works at Florida Tile.  Together, they have been able to pay for half of the surgery cost, putting Brando above their bills.  However, without paying for the rest of the cost by tomorrow morning, the vets won’t release Brando back to his family.

“[Brando] is like a son to my mom. [Dianna] literally cannot do much more. She is struggling to pay bills yet will put him first. He is very young, not even a year old yet and loves being out roaming and running in the yard,” Delana said.

The Hendrix family is reaching out to the community for help.  They have setup a GoFundMe page for donations.  They thank everyone for the support.

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