Raw Fear to be New Challenge at Anderson Hotel

Coming this season, the Lawrenceburg Ghost Walk will be featuring a new, intense paranormal challenge for those up to the task.  Jeff Waldridge has announced the challenge, called Raw Fear, before the debut of the Paranormal Lockdown episode featuring the old Anderson Hotel that is located above Heavens to Betsy on Main Street.

Raw Fear will be based on paranormal challenges for a small team of people at the old hotel.  Each challenge will consist of not only ways to try to communicate with the possible paranormal presences at the hotel, but also serve as a test of sanity as contestants brave their fears and venture out into parts of the hotel.  If they don’t make the challenge, they won’t be able to continue forward and won’t receive the survivors prize.

Jeff also announced that for the start of Raw Fear, he will be holding a contest where chosen participants will be the first ones to experience the challenge for free.  To enter, go to the Raw Fear Facebook page and message Jeff with your name, age, and contact information.  The challenge will most likely occur next month.

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