Local Subway Offers More Than Just Eating Fresh

From left, Michael Blackburn, Buffy Davis, Matthew Sherrard

Subway is known for serving fresh food, and here in Lawrenceburg, one of the Subway restaurants is also known for being the cleanest. Lawrenceburg residents have been enjoying Subway for many years, and its popularity here has allowed three stores to open in our community.

The most recent Subway at Eagle Lake towards the north end of town opened about two years ago.  District manager, Buffy Davis, took over managing this store and a location in Midway about eight months ago.

Buffy, who has been a resident of Lawrenceburg for ten years, worked her way up at Subway, starting just as a part time employee.  Catching the eye of the franchise owner, Jinal Pantel, with her hard work, she was quickly promoted.

Now managing the Eagle Lake location, Buffy has not only served the community with great food but also kept the store in top condition.  According to Buffy, health inspectors from the Anderson County Health Department have said that the store is one of the cleanest seen in the county.

Buffy attributes much of the success at that store to her team of employees, which includes four local high schoolers.  “I can’t emphasize enough about my teammates,” Buffy said.  “I don’t really call them my employees.  They’re more my teammates, just for the simple fact I wouldn’t ask anything of them that I wouldn’t be willing to do myself.”

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