Saffell Street Student Wins Second Place in State Conservation Contest

The Alsabrook FamilyState Representative James Tipton and Helaine AlsabrookHelaine Alsabrook

This past Tuesday, an Anderson County elementary school student was honored by Kentucky state representatives for winning second place in a state wide competition.  Helaine Alsabrook, fourth grader from Saffell Street Elementary, entered a contest last year along with thousands of other students.  The contest, called the Jim Claypool Art Contest, which is part of the the Wild Side of Kentucky, promotes good wildlife conservation practices through student created artwork.

Helaine’s winning poster focused on building boxes for barn owls. “It’s about barn owls and to build a box for them to have their babies, and they will get rid of your mice,” Helaine said.

Her mother, Kimberly Alsabrook, was amazed and proud that she won second place in the state finals.  “They said there were over 47k entries across the state, and she got second place,” Kimberly said.

As part of her award, Helaine received a $150 check along with letters and recognitions from a number of state representatives.  She was also recognized at the Kentucky State Senate by Senator Julian Carroll.

Photos provided by Kimberly Alsabrook.

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