Republican Caucus Opening Attracts Large Crowd

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The Anderson County Republican Kentucky Caucus is currently underway which had a large crowd waiting to enter the caucus location at the freshman wing of the Anderson County High School.  According to caucus official Lois Ann Disponett and Anderson County Republican Chairman Dave Disponett, this is the first time a caucus is being held in Kentucky instead of the standard primary election that would normally be held in May.

“The difference this year is two things,” Lois Ann said.  With Rand Paul running for President earlier in the year, he couldn’t have his name on the primary ballot twice as his US Senate seat was up for re-election.  So Rand only had his name on the Kentucky ballot for President, but when he dropped out of the Presidential race, he asked the Republican executive committee to run a caucus, which agreed to set it up.

The other major reason for the caucus, according to Lois Ann, is to allow delegates to actually count towards the Republican nominee.  Normally, Kentucky’s primaries are held in May and the nomination process is usually mostly determined at that point.  With the Republican caucus today, Kentucky will be able to cast its vote for a Republican Presidential candidate much more early in the process.  However, the state will still hold a Democratic primary at the usual date on May 17th.

The caucus, which has a number of similarities to a standard primary, will be open today until 4pm at the ACHS Freshman wing.  The biggest difference is that those going to vote will have a chance to speak with representatives of the candidates before going to a specified area to vote like a primary.  Currently at our caucus location, there are representatives for Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Andy Barr, State Representative James Tipton, and County Magistrate Mike Riley.

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