Family Receives Help After Fire

From left, Dmitri Crockett, Joshua Miller, Kim Miller, Donna Crain Drury, Marilyn Proctor

From left, Dmitri Crockett, Joshua Miller, Kim Miller, Donna Crain Drury, Marilyn Proctor

Last month, a tragic house fire occurred to a family here in Lawrenceburg, but due to fortunate events, no one was injured, and the community has come together to help.  Kim Miller and her 14 year old son Joshua not only called their Township Square house their home, but also Josh’s school.  Kim has been home schooling Joshua due to his severe asthma and peanut allergies, making it unsafe for him to attend public schools.

One night, Joshua decided to stay up late, having fun playing on his Xbox while eating snacks.  Fortunately, the snacks made him ill that night, keeping him awake to smell something unusual.  Going to his mom saying that he smells burning plastic, Kim got up and went outside to see what was happening.  Looking back towards the house, she saw flames coming from the attic.

They ran back inside, grabbed what they could, and waited for the fire department.  The Lawrenceburg Fire Department found the fire started in the attic, and if Josh wasn’t awake during the fire, there was a high chance neither would have survived, as the smoke detectors wouldn’t be set off until after parts of the ceiling collapsed.

After the fire destroyed many of the Miller’s possessions, Kim went to God’s pantry which then directed them to the LIGHT Center.  They took the lead and helped the family.  The family was also without a computer which was burned in the fire, and without a computer, Josh wouldn’t be able to continue his home schooling.  The center was able to organize an anonymous donation, and the family received a computer on Tuesday afternoon.

Others have also donated anonymously.  Kim was at the local laundromat and was talking to someone from Shelbyville about the fire.  Kim talked to her about how Josh didn’t have shoes of his own after the fire.  She decided to call her son who was on the basketball team and he immediately said he had five extra pairs.  She then drove back and forth from Shelbyville to give the shoes to Kim and left before Kim was able to get her name.  Josh was incredibly excited to have shoes of his own.

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