Students Speak on How to Be a Gift to the World

From left, Annie Edwards, Brooklyn Carpenter, Luke EdwardsBrooklyn CarpenterLuke EdwardsAnnie EdwardsFrom left, Luke Edwards, Emily Sloan, Brooklyn Carpenter, Annie Edwards, Ashley Thompson

Today, students from around the county were special guests at the weekly Lawrenceburg Rotary Club meeting.  They took to the stage, competing in the Rotary Club’s yearly speech contest, in which this was the first level in the process.  All the contestants themed their speeches around how to “Be a Gift to the World.”  The top three winners won $300, $200, and $100, respectively, and first place will go on to the next competition in LaGrange in April.

Fifteen year old homeschooler, Luke Edwards, won third place with a resounding speech making the argument that a gift is more than just something given as a birthday present.  “A gift is something that you give from yourself.  It’s giving of yourself to benefit someone else,” Luke said.

Seventeen year old Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg student, Brooklyn Carpenter, took second place with a great speech laying out not only what makes someone a gift to world, but also a way how to encourage being a gift.  “Compassion is putting pity into action,” Brooklyn said. “I hope that my legacy when I leave high school, when I leave college, and when I leave the earth, that people will look back at my life that I really tried to look for the best in every situation.”

And finally, seventeen year old homeschooler, Annie Edwards, moved the judges with a phenomenally spoken speech with great examples, arguing that there are many already around the world who truly care and live their lives as gifts to the world.  “Their whole lives are truly gifts to world, and collectively all these people who give gifts on a regular basis and are gifts to the world, will change it,” Annie said.

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