Making Connections to Help Those with Disabilities

Ashlee ThackerJacque Zeller

This coming Tuesday will be a special event for families across the county with children who have special needs.  The Anderson Community Education Center and the Anderson County High School have partnered for the past three years to create a resource fair called, “Making Connections: Life Planning for Success.”

The goal of the fair is to bring together resources from around the region to help families and children with specials needs while in school and as they transition on to careers or college.  Ashlee Thacker, special education teacher and transition coordinator with the high school, said that the fair originally started with former transition coordinator, Candy Rollins.  Candy worked with a number of sources to create the original fair and started the successful program.

When Candy began working in Woodford County, Ashlee took over the program, which is continually growing and becoming more successful.  “It’s going to be really good resources for families and parents who have children that have specials needs in Anderson County,” Ashlee said.

Jacque Zeller, director of the community education program, has been working with Ashlee to help bring in more resources for these families.  “We partner with them because we bring in vendors from around Frankfort and Anderson county that can provide resources to our special needs families,” Jacque said.

This year’s event will be held in the lower level of the Cooperative Extension office in the county park from 6pm to 7:30pm on March 8th. It will feature about 25 different vendors/resources who help provide services for the families and children.  There will be free dinner provided by Domino’s and Little Caesar’s Pizza, along with fruit and vegetable trays.  Parents and children will be able to casually interact with the vendors and allow them to register for services in advance, as waiting lists can be long.

The event will also feature door prizes like an iPad Mini, gift cards, and more.  Jacque said that these prizes really lift the spirits of the children who receive them, and so they have been reaching out to local businesses who would like to donate items for the cause.  According to Ashlee, they are even looking for simple items like pencils, notebooks, and bags.  For more information or donations, please contact Ashlee at 502-839-5118 or

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