Teaching Students Recycling While Having Fun

Danny WoolumsTrista Kelly and Emily DavisElisabeth Chilton

This past Friday, Emma B Ward Elementary hosted a fun, yet educational event for the students.  Danny Woolums from Bluegrass Greensource, visited the school as part of the community outreach program for the new Anderson County recycling program that is being implemented this spring.

Danny, along with teachers, organized a hands on event for students from first through fifth grade to learn the basics of recycling through fun and games. “I go to the classrooms and different schools and help teach them at the school level about what can and cannot be recycled in Anderson County,” Danny said.

Emma B Ward was the first school to respond to the new program and will become the flagship school for the program, according to Danny.  Starting the week before with a special video presented to the students, they then got their hands dirty a bit sorting through recyclables on Friday.  “Today, [Danny] had a relay race for students to distribute the items to trash or recycling,” Trista Kelly, first through fifth grade specials and technology teacher, said.

The students really enjoyed the program.  Fifth grader, Elisabeth Chilton, said that she learned much about recycling and what not should be placed in the recycling bin.  She also had a lot of fun.

Danny also explained that there will be an art competition at the school where students will work with the art teacher to develop a campaign on why to recycle.  The winning art will be put on the recycling truck.

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