Hometown Pizza Officially Opens

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Hometown Pizza official opened today at what was Edwardo’s Pizza on Glensboro Road.  Hometown Pizza, which is a pizza restaurant chain based out of LaGrange, started working on their new Lawrenceburg location back in November of last year to much delight of local residents.  As the renovations took place, excitement grew through the community as they waited for opening day.

Tom and Melissa Brown, two of the owners of the restaurant chain, were present for the grand opening.  They were very proud with how the new store turned out.  Tom explained that a number of items in the store were sourced locally, including the beautiful bar top that was created by local sawmill owner, Gary McInturf.

Tom also talked about the history behind Hometown Pizza.  The company was originally founded 32 years ago by Mike and Mary Jane Foster in LaGrange.  Mike, who had pizza experience, created the initial recipes but more were added later on from suggestions by employees and guests.  Tom and Melissa joined the company 12 years ago and become co-owners with the Fosters six years later.

With the new Lawrenceburg store, the company marks their 18th location.  And residents at the opening are excited and are really enjoying the food.  For more information about Hometown Pizza, check out their website.

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