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Sheldon Ritchie and Adam ShryockAdam ShryockSheldon Ritchie

As winter wraps up, more and more local residents are looking to not only clean their cars but to also make them look new after months of salt and dirt buildup.  Adam Shryock, owner of Adam’s Detailing, has been working on cleaning and detailing cars out of the Soap Factory Car Wash on US127 ever since he was 16.

His father and uncle, Bobby and Mike Shryock, built the car wash in 2007, and in 2009, Adam decided to start his detailing business there.  “I turned 16 and thought it would be a good idea to start cleaning some cars,” Adam said.

From the start, his detailing business took off.  He prides himself on trying to make a car, both inside and out, look brand new.  Starting with cleaning the inside, he removes all of the floor mats, uses compressed air to get rid of stuck dirt in crevices, and thoroughly vacuums the seats and floor.  From there, he works on removing stains from the upholstery and degreases all the hard interior surfaces.  “It’ll practically look like it’s brand new,” Adam said.

For the exterior, he starts with a simple washing and moves on to cleaning the rims, tires, fender wells, windows and even the engine compartment if the client wants it cleaned.  He then clay bars, waxes, and polishes any chrome.

Adam, and his detailing helper, Sheldon Ritchie, will clean any vehicle, even those you wouldn’t expect.  From semis, to boats, RVs, and motorcycles, there’s nothing the two won’t detail.

Although Adam does work as a diesel mechanic during the day, he is available to detail cars during any weeknight or weekend.  He’ll also do free pickup and delivery anywhere in Lawrenceburg.  For more information about Adam’s Detailing, check out his Facebook page or call 502-598-1959 to make an appointment.

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