Finding Deep Comfort with Deep Tissue Massage

Like ice cream, massages come in different varieties. A deep tissue massage is designed to bring balance to the muscles in the body.  Andrea Darst has been practicing deep tissue massages (DTM) in Lawrenceburg for the last seven years.  The more common Swedish massage is certainly very relaxing. DTM works to correct muscle problems by identifying the source of your problems or pain.

Many college and professional athletes get a DTM at least once a week.  A massage is part of the of the care they give their bodies, along with proper nutrition, physical therapy and chiropractic care if needed.  The wear and tear on their bodies often leads to pain, muscle tightness and general muscle discomfort and fatigue.  While we may not be college or professional athletes, we still can experience our bodies breaking down.

A deep tissue massage is designed to find out where the problem is and relax the muscles that are impacting that area.  For example, a college athlete recently told me that his weekly massage strives to reduce his lower back pain. The problem he faces is his hamstrings (muscles in the back of the thigh) are too tight and pull on his lower back.  His DTM focuses on relaxing the hamstrings so his muscle balance is restored.  This is accomplished by stretching the muscles and digging into the muscles so they can bring a balance back to the body.

Part of a Deep Tissue Massage is using stretches and exercise to get that balance back in the body. Sometimes you may have stronger muscles pulling on the weaker muscles, causing the weaker muscles to be overstretched, hence the pain.  Posture also plays a role.  Andrea is very skilled at helping to identify these problems, then through massage and exercise getting you back to feeling the way you should.  You should also know that the massages occur in a soothing, relax atmosphere where your privacy and comfort are assured.

Andrea works closely with physical therapists and chiropractors here is Lawrenceburg to help you get back on the road to health.  Therapeutic massage (DTM) is particularly good for people who will work with her to get healthy again.  She said that she likes to work with people that want to get better.

Andrea shows her concern for your wellbeing throughout the massage.  As she works the muscles, she constantly checks to see if your pain or discomfort is being reduced.  This helps her to identify which muscles are causing the pain and getting them to relax and not pull the weaker muscles.  The result is you feel less pain and discomfort and enjoy greater flexibility and mobility.

DTM is not just for major problems.  It is very effective for those minor muscle aches and pains most of us feel from time to time.  She is also a Certified Kinesio Tape practitioner.  If you have watched an athletic event, say UK Basketball, you may have noticed a player or two with seemingly random strips of tape on their bodies.  This actually is designed to inhibit overly tight or developed muscles and strengthen weaker muscles, thereby improving mobility and flexibility.

Andrea Darst worked as a Surgical Technologist for 17 years before becoming a massage therapist. She lives here in Anderson County with her husband of 19 years, Steve, and their two daughters, Regan and Kennedy.  Her phone number is 502-604-0960.  Her office is at 575 S. Main St in Revitalize Therapeutic Massage here in Lawrenceburg.

-Written by Don West

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