Town & Country Bank Named One of Best Places to Work

From left, Tare Wells, Brittany Wofford, Jane Hawkins, Bob Baughman, Margaret Pittman, Roxanne Ethington

Last month, one of our very own banks was named one of the best places to work in Kentucky.  Town and Country Bank, located near Ace Hardware, made the short list of small companies across the state to receive a Best Place to Work in Kentucky award.

The awards, sponsored by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and Kentucky Society for Human Resource Management, assesses small to large companies across the state, looking for not only good employee policies, but also feedback from the employees themselves.

For the 12th annual award, Town and Country Bank and 35 other companies statewide were given the award for the small business category.  Then on April 20th at the award ceremony, the 36 companies will be ranked to see out of the group who is the best of the best.

At Lawrenceburg’s local Town and Country branch, the employees exemplified just how great it is working for the bank.  Jane Hawkins said, “Because it’s a small town bank, they care about their customers as well as their employees.”  Tare Wells, who’s been working for the bank since 2007, also agrees, “It feels like family.  If you’re sick or have family issues, everyone checks on you.”

For more information about Town and Country Bank, check out their website.

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