Anderson Hotel to be Featured on National TV

From left, Jeff Waldridge, Jennifer Kirkland of SHOCK Paranormal, Nick Groff, Lee Kirkland of SHOCK, and Katrina WeidmanFrom left, Katrina Weidman, Betsy Horton, Nick Groff

Lawrenceburg will make a national appearance in a couple of weeks.  Last year, Jeff Waldridge of the Lawrenceburg Ghost Walk invited Nick Groff from the Destination America TV show, Paranormal Lockdown, to investigate the old Anderson Hotel which is located above Heaven’s to Betsy on Main Street.

Paranormal Lockdown, which investigates hauntings and other paranormal activity, has filmed at haunted locations across the nation.  The film crew was here in Lawrenceburg in December when Nick and his crew stayed inside the old hotel for 72 hours straight.  The upcoming episode, which will air on March 11th at 10pm on Destination America (channel 167 on Time Warner Cable), will be exciting and possibly terrifying as the crew experiences something lashing out at them.

For more information about Paranormal Lockdown, check out their website.

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