City Celebrates New Maintenance Building

Councilman Bobby Durr, Mayor Goodlett, Judge Executive GrittonCity Clerk Robbie Hume and Morgan PennCounty Clerk Jason Denny, Director of Public Safety Bart Powell, City Engineer Monty Rhody

Yesterday, Mayor Sandy Goodlett held a special open house at the city’s new maintenance garage.  The garage had burned down a year ago that day and the city celebrated the new building and the journey it took to rebuilding.

The mayor described the day where he learned of what happened to the old building.  He received a phone call from City Clerk Robbie Hume, who was in Owensboro at the time, at 3am telling him about the fire. “I knew from that day forward how long it takes me to get out of the house if I was in a hurry. . .7minutes,” Mayor Goodlett said.

A short time later he arrived at the scene of the fire and what was left of the city’s maintenance equipment that was housed in the building.  Once the final tally of destroyed equipment was made, he realized how big of a problem the city had.

The area just went through 12 inches of snow with another 17 more inches predicted.  The city struggled clearing the first storm, but now with much of the snow removal equipment destroyed in the fire, they had no ability to clear the streets.  But with help from Anderson and Franklin Counties along with the City of Frankfort, they were able to clear the roads.

But, the bigger problem was from the rest of the equipment that was destroyed, according to the mayor.  All the equipment used for repairing city water and sewer lines were destroyed, making for a major problem if a water line were to break.  With help from the Kentucky League of Cities who fronted the city $500,000 while the insurance claim was processed, Mayor Goodlett was able to quickly repurchase the vital equipment and start reconstruction as soon as possible.

The mayor thanked a number of people for helping with the rebuild, including Councilman Bobby Durr, City Engineer Monty Rhody, a number of representatives at the Kentucky League of Cities, and especially the city workers who had to try to do their job without a maintenance building.  “It was their home away from home,” Mayor Goodlett said while explaining that city workers had to use buildings around the county for many months until the new building was complete.

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