Ready Care Clinic Loved By Residents

Located right in between the Anderson Apothecary and Lawrenceburg Medical Supply, the new Ready Care Clinic has been providing a much needed service for local residents.  Operated by Leeann Spivey, APRN, and Megan Ruth, CMA, the Ready Care Clinic opened back in September of last year, offering fast help for a number of common ailments like colds, flus, injuries, and more.  Since they don’t require appointments, the clinic is able to quickly treat patients without having to wait for an opening.

And, the new clinic is gaining much appreciation from residents, especially families with children.  Tamra McMichael and her family didn’t know about the clinic until one day her son, Cotton, started running a fever.  Calling around to various local physicians, she found that none of them had an opening available to see Cotton.

After searching online, Tamra found the clinic and had her son treated there.  With just that one time, she found the clinic to be exceptional and will continue to use them.  “They are wonderful.  You don’t have to make appointments. You come in, and they see you,” Tamra said.

The Wilcox family has also found the location of the Ready Care Clinic to be a major benefit.  Ami Wilcox, mother of 6 year old Jaycie and 4 year old Cooper, has been to the clinic multiple times and have found that having the Anderson Apothecary right in the same building to be wonderful.  “There was an instance where [Cooper] wasn’t breathing so well and Leeann was able to go next door and get the materials needed for a breathing treatment right here in the office,” Ami said.

For more information about the Ready Care Clinic, check out their Facebook page and website.

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  1. LeeAnn and Megan have always been my favorite when they work with Dr Dartt. Now that I know they are close to my home I’ll be visiting regularly, since my family stays sick. They are highly reecommended. They make you feel comfortable and they are staright to the point.

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