Two More Win Giveaway

Corey and Amy JonesHunter and Amanda Hays

In a possible unprecedented string of luck, two more winners were announced for the $1000 giveaway at the local H&R Block at Eagle Lake.  The company across the country has been giving away $1000 to a 1000 customers who use the company to file their taxes for the first 32 days of tax season, which finished a few days ago.

And the local office has seen an amazing number of winners.  With the two most current winners, there has been a total of four, which according to representatives at the office hasn’t happened in any other local office.

The Jones and Hays families were the two new lucky winners.  Corey and Amy Jones won their $1000 check on February 13th.  Having used H&R Block for many years, they were excited to win the $1000 and plan on putting it in a savings account.  Amanda Hays and her son, Hunter, were shocked when they received the email of their winning.  When picking up the check on Thursday, Amanda said that she would bring office manager, Carolyn Garnett, lunch and maybe go on a vacation after splitting some of it with her son.

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