ACHS Student Sees Senator Rand Paul at “Town Hall” Meeting

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Our Kentucky US Senator and former Presidential candidate, Rand Paul, visited Lawrenceburg today for a ‘town hall’ meeting at Tonya’s Buffet on Hilltop Drive.  Local politicians including state representative James Tipton, City Clerk Robbie Hume, City Attorney Robert Myles, and a number of local residents went to see the Senator to listen to him speak and ask questions.

Anderson County High School student, Samuel Stratton who is 17 years old, was also present along with his parents who took him out of school for the day to see the Senator.  Samuel was very enthusiastic to see Senator Paul.  “He leads the fight for liberty in Washington DC, that’s why I like him,” Samuel said.  “He stands up for the people.”

During the ‘town hall’ meeting, Senator Paul covered a number of topics.  One of the biggest issues he sees is the amount of debt the nation is accumulating.  He figured that the nation would be $20 trillion in debt by the end of President Obama’s term.

Senator Paul doesn’t just blame the Democrats for the extreme debt problem.  He has seen very large calls for more spending from Republicans who want to increase funding for the military.  He believes the nation should have a strong defense but shouldn’t be weakened by such a large debt.  He also thinks the nation should only be spending what it brings in with taxes.

The Senator also talked about issues with the growing powers of the executive branch.  Going back through multiple Presidencies, he feels the executive branch is gaining more power compared to Congress.  Without a balance between all three branches of government, he feels this could lead to an eventual tyranny.  He also thinks this problem will lead to a conflict of interest with any Supreme Court appointee President Obama may choose to replace Justice Scalia as the court is currently in process of reviewing the President’s use of executive powers.

After the talk, some of the audience members got to ask questions of the Senator.  They ranged from the budget to health care to immigration and more.  For the national budget, Senator Paul feels the current system is completely broken.  He feels part of the problem is Congress, where appropriation bills are now being lumped into one giant 2,000 page bill that can’t be easily read and is full of wasted spending.  He would like to see these large bills be broken up into smaller bills like they were before.

He also had a question on how to fix the health care system.  The Senator relied on his experience in the health care system where his biggest complaint he heard from patients was the cost of insurance.  And now with Obamacare, he sees the pool of free and subsidized insurance holders increase but that means the people who are paying full cost for insurance have seen their bills increase to pay for the larger subsidized pools.  He also said that the current system won’t allow people to purchase bare minimal plans.  He would like to see this restriction be removed and open up more competition to drive down the costs of healthcare.

On immigration, Senator Paul responded that there hasn’t yet been a President that has truly enforced immigration laws and there’s cities that currently act as ‘sanctuaries’ for illegal immigrants.  He proposed to cut federal money going to such cities to help curb the problem.

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