ACMS Hosts VEX Robotics Competition

Through much of Saturday, the Anderson County Middle School hosted a fun, statewide competition to test the engineering skills of high school and middle school students.  The VEX Robotics competition attracted 52 teams from schools across the state including two from Anderson County High School to compete at the middle school to see which teams have the best robotic design.

Being the first time hosting such an event, Anderson County Middle School students got to experience the fun of the competition while inspiring them on what they could do when they get into high school.  “The middle school is involved by helping with the arenas and helping with the actual competition.  They’ve been preparing as well in order to be able to participate and compete once they become high school students,” Natalie Frasure, ACMS STEM teacher, said.

The competition focuses on seeing how well student’s robots are able to move and propel balls into a net or behind a gray bar.  During parts of the competition, the robots have to operate both autonomously and with student control where they get a chance to push, pickup, or throw balls depending on the design. Each team is assigned points depending on the number and color of balls successfully placed in the goals.

A number of school officials were also in attendance cheering on the ACHS teams.  “This is great for our STEM program.  This is going to be great for our young people to get them more introduced into the field of engineering,” ACHS Principal Chris Glass said. “It’s really good to see what the kids can build and then see how they’ve made it work,” ACMS Principal Jeanna Kidd, said.

The ACHS students were cautiously optimistic before the competition.  Brennan Faust, Josh Lindsey, and Austin Adams all said that they think they’ve improved their design and fixed software problems and hoped to see their robot run well.  Unfortunately, the ACHS teams didn’t place in the competition with teams from Stamping Ground, Shelbyville, and Georgetown taking first place.  But the students did learn and hope to seem them do better next year.

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