Snow Can Be Fun If You Stay Safe

Do you hate winter?   Even more, do you hate snow?  We all hear that a lot this time of year, especially after the snow we have had.  But if we remember the child we used to be, we can have fun, even when it snows.  There are also some ways we can make sure we are safe in the bad weather.

Snow is beautiful.  Take the time to notice how serene and lovely the newly fallen snow looks.  Check out your yard when the snow has no footprints in it and the snow that is sitting in the trees and on the bushes. Watch how it glistens in the sunlight or moonlight when the sky clears. Now imagine that you have just made the perfect snow angel in your yard.  Wouldn’t that be fun, and you know you want to.  And, let’s face it, making snow angels never gets old.

Snowballs are also fun.  You can use trees and mailboxes to try your aim.  We don’t want to encourage violence by suggesting your children or grandchildren or even your spouse be targets.  So, why not use the tree or mailbox and have a snowball throwing contest.  And have some hot chocolate afterwards.  Or, get the neighbors and have a snowman (or snow person) building contest.  Adults and children will have some fun.

Here’s some suggestions on being safe.  If the roads are bad, stay off them if at all possible.  Pay attention to the warnings on television and the internet.  Keep your cellphone charged up, and check on family and friends to make sure they are alright, especially older ones.

When driving, slow down.  Even if you have a four wheel drive, slow down.  Some people are nervous driving with snow or ice on the road so be patient.  Also, your four wheel drive does not help if you hit ice.  If you are using your windshield wipers, and the edge of the windshield is getting icy, the roads are probably icy as well.

Here’s a tip on clearing your driveway.  It is easier if you shovel in stages, rather than waiting for the snow to stop.  It also helps to do some stretching or warm-up exercises before starting.  Dress warmly and if possible, cover your nose and mouth.  Drinking something hot like coffee, tea or chocolate will help you keep your core temperature up while shoveling.

If you can, use the shovel to push the snow rather than lifting and throwing.  It saves your back.  Those of us that are older definitely need to keep this in mind.  An ergonomically designed shovel makes the shoveling easier.

If you get stuck inside for a day or two and feel a little housebound, when possible, go to one of our several restaurants.  You can enjoy some good food and compare stories about how much snow you had at your house.  So, as the snow falls again, take some time to enjoy it.  Be warm, be safe and remember, spring is less than two months away.

-Written by Don West

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