Jim Sayre Does Farewell Lincoln Performance and Receives Awards

This past Friday was a special night for a local resident and for the community as a whole.  The Anderson Community Education Center, directed by Jacque Zeller, hosted a free Kentucky Chautauqua event featuring Jim Sayre as Abraham Lincoln.  Kentucky Chautauquas are a fascinating recreation of history where an actor is trained to be the historical figure that they’re portraying.  History is brought alive at these events across the state as audiences not only get to listen to a presentation, but also get to interact with the presenter as if they’re the person they’re representing.

And, this night was also special for Jim.  It was his last night portraying our great President Abraham Lincoln.  Jim, who is an Anderson County native and has been interested in President Lincoln ever since entering a lookalike contest in 1959, is retiring from the Kentucky Chautauqua after representing the President for 33 years.

During his farewell performance, those in the audience got to see a different side of the President than what is always written in history books.  From childhood stories to tales of romance, everyone was treated to a more personal nature of Lincoln.  Even members of the audience were included, being conscripted to play various roles of Lincoln’s friends and family.

After concluding with a reading of the famous Gettysburg Address, Jim fielded questions from the audience and told amazing stories of his journeys portraying Abraham Lincoln.  And before he left the stage, he received two special accolades.  Jacque presented him with a lifetime achievement award from the Anderson Community Education Center and Mayor Goodlett presented him with a special proclamation from both himself and Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton declaring February 12th, 2016, as Jim Sayre day.

Be sure to watch the video clip above of some of his performance and the awards he received. For more information about the Kentucky Chautauqua, check out their website.

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  1. Congratulation Mr. Sayre on your honor and portraying of Abe Lincoln. What a great way to retire. Something we will always remember here in Lawrenceburg and Anderson County.

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