A Restaurant Row Downtown?

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There’s a restaurant row in downtown Lawrenceburg?  That is true.  There are three restaurants on Main Street now as well as a nutrition/smoothie bar and a soon to reopen “grab and go.”  What a change for the good!  Last year at this time, you could not get anything to eat downtown and now we have several dining spots, a real restaurant row.

Why do you we go out to eat?  There are a lot of reasons including special events like anniversaries, birthdays, or you have guests.  Maybe you just want to give the cook a night off.  Whatever the reason, it helps to know a little about the choices that you have.  Every one of the downtown restaurants has a story, so here is a little insight to help with your decision making.

Bluegrass Sabor is a mixture of cuisines from both the Bluegrass and Hispanic culture.  The owners, Jesus Mendoza and Luis Velasquez have created a restaurant that combines some of the best of both worlds.  You may not know that the name itself combines both as the Spanish word “Sabor” means flavor.  The trio of chefs have the background to make this happen, with one from the Bluegrass and two with a Hispanic background.  Jesus and Luis wanted to create something different and have succeeded.

Bourbon Street on Main is also a mixture of two cuisines.  It features a combination of New Orleans and Bluegrass.  One of the proprietors, Eve Guilbault, is a recent transplant from New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina.  If you have been to New Orleans, you will be reminded of restaurants that you went to down there at Bourbon Street.  The other owner, Tony Best is known to many for his excellent restaurants in the past.  The menu is eclectic, and they definitely have some unique options.  They are also open on Sunday.

Heavens to Betsy is owned by Betsy and Jackson Horton.  They feature gourmet sandwiches and more, along with some great salads and desserts.  The driving force is Betsy’s creativity, and the food is unique and delicious.  This is not food you are going to prepare yourself.  Many visitors to the Bourbon Trail have eaten there and have said the sandwiches are the best they have ever had.  Also, the atmosphere is relaxed.  You can eat and sit awhile without being rushed to relinquish your table.  The relaxing setting is enhanced by the background music and the friendliness of the owners.  They now also serve a Sunday brunch.

The Mix is also a place to eat.  The owner, Misty Rutherford, has created a Smoothie Bar that is worth exploring.  They have an extensive menu with a wide variety of smoothies you can try.  The smoothies are nutritious, low in calories, filling and most of all, really, really good.

Christy Jane’s on Main is a grab and go place for food.  Christy Jane Hurst is the owner, and they are located within Sweet Mash.  They are not a sit down restaurant, as it is designed to offer good food that you can carry out. Christy Jane is recovering from an auto accident but hopefully will be better soon and be back creating some great food for us.  However, Sweet Mash is still open.

Isn’t it nice to have all these choices?   You can see people walking down the street, shopping bags in hand, trying to make a decision.  For visitors and locals alike, it is great to have a restaurant row downtown.  Along with downtown, there are many more throughout the county. If you want Italian, Chinese or Mexican, you have choices there as well.  So, where are you eating tonight?

– Written by Don West

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