The Road to 500 Wins

Tonight could be the final stop on the road for 500 wins for Anderson County High School basketball coach, Glen Drury.  Through his amazing career as coach for the Bearcats basketball team for 34 years, Coach Drury currently has totaled 499 wins.  With tonight’s game, he could win his 500th.

Born and raised here in Anderson County, Coach Drury graduated from ACHS in 1977 and went to Berea College.  During his time at ACHS and Berea, he said that he had many great coaches and teachers helping him learned a lot about basketball and life as well, through competition.

As he approaches 500 wins, he attributes much of his success to his faith, great staff, and great players.  “I’ve got the best staff in the world,” Coach Drury said.  “And then in coaching, you’ve gotta have great players.  If you don’t have great players, you don’t win games.”

Coach Drury is amazed to be nearing his 500th win.  “The 500 means that you have hit a milestone that is unbelievable,” he said.  “I never fathomed when I was a young farm boy in Anderson County that I would actually would be able to do the things I love to do for that long.”

And those around him are incredibly proud and happy to see him reach this milestone.  Varsity Assistant Coach Bryan Hyatt said he played under Coach Drury when he attended ACHS. “Him winning 500 games is a huge deal for me,” Bryan said.

His family also works with him.  His son, Daniel Drury who also was a Bearcat player, serves as an assistant coach.  “We work really well as a coaching staff and try to relate that to the kids as much as possible,” Daniel said.  His wife, Jennifer, says that she’s very proud and also attributes the team’s success to Daniel and Bryan.

Current and former players are also congratulating the coach.  CJ Penny, former ACHS player, said, “I think it’s a remarkable achievement.  He’s a great coach.”  ACHS sophomore team captain, Cobe Penny said, “I think this 500th win for Coach Drury would be a great thing for him. It would go down in history.”  The other team captains, junior John Paul Garmon and senior Dillon Harper, are very proud of him.

In celebration of Coach Drury’s phenomenal career, we created the video above documenting how everyone, including players, staff, and Coach Drury himself feel about his 500th win.  We congratulate him as he nears this important milestone.

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