LIGHT Center Helping People in Need While Protecting Environment

(Left to Right) Marilyn Proctor, Chee-Chee Rogers, Mike Curry, Donna Crain Drury, and Lisa Birdwhistell

LIGHT Center of Lawrenceburg is continuing to make differences in the lives of people in the community while protecting the community and its environment. Under the recycling and reusing project leadership of Donna Crain Drury, an environmentalist who also has a heart for people, the Center has entered into partnership with Green Hippo Company to utilize the company’s e-Waste Fundraising Program for earning cash by recycling and reusing electronic items, such as ink cartridges, cell phones, laser toner cartridges, iPads/tablets/iPods, laptop computers, digital cameras, MP3s, and other small electronics.

Donna Crain Drury worked for 27 years in the environmental field with the State Cabinet for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, where her compassion for the state and community’s environment intensified while working to help protect the natural resources of Kentucky (air, land and water).  Her work as a Citizen Complaint Coordinator in the state Division of Water for 17 years taught her the importance of recycling and reusing manufactured items to prevent pollution of the state’s air, land and water.  Many citizens across the state experienced having undrinkable water due to dumping of solid items into waterways and drainage areas.  Donna believes people need to be creative and re-think the way they dispose of unwanted items so the environment can be protected for generations to come.

The LIGHT Center has done just that by choosing recycling and reusing of electronic items as a fundraising project called “Greener Earth—Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”.  Just as the Center’s work in helping people have another chance in life, the fundraising project will do the same for items to be recycled and reused.

The public is asked to donate their electronic items to the LIGHT Center for recycling and reusing.  They can be dropped off at the Center at 700 W. Broadway, Suite 3, in Lawrenceburg.  Items will be picked up at homes or offices by calling the Center at 502-859-0670.

Items and brands being accepted include:
Ink Cartridges:  Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Sharp and Xerox
Cell Phones:  Apple, Blackberry, Hewlett Packard, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nextel, Nokia, Palm, Pantech, and Samsung
Laser (Toner) Cartridges:  Apple, Brother, Canon, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Panasonic, Pitney Bowes, Samsung, Sharp, and Xerox
iPads/iPods:  Apple, Blackberry, Google, Kindle, Microsoft, Motorola, Samsung, and Windows
Laptops:  All brands
Digital Cameras:  2-5.9 megapixel, 6-9 megapixel, and 9.1+ megapixel
MP3s – Zune brand
Small Electronics: (working and broken) Apple TV 2nd & 3rd Generation, Apple Watch & Watch Sport, Galaxy Gear 2 Smartwatch, Galaxy Gear Fit, Galaxy Gear Live Smartwatch, Google Glass Explore

Reminders:  Please remember to include all power cords and batteries for above items when sent for recycling or reusing.  Any regular batteries should be placed in a sealed zip lock baggie and not leaking battery acid.
According to Green Hippo Company,” recycling has a green impact on the environment, but reducing unused electronics and reusing them makes a real difference.  It takes more money to strip down and melt items in recycling than to refill, refurbish and reuse items.  Also, toxins from the recycling process can be released into the atmosphere.”

Donna Crain Drury advised that “Recycling and reusing unwanted electronic items can reduce tonnage in landfills, save energy, and reduce pollutants into the air, soil and water.  But most importantly, the LIGHT Center’s Greener Earth—Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Project will jointly help sustain the lives of people in need and the community’s environment for now and generations to come.”

Did You Know This?
•    More than 375 million printer cartridges are discarded annually, and most end up in landfills.  These cartridges leak into soil and waterways.
•    If you stacked these cartridges end-to-end, they would circle the earth over 3 times.
•    Almost 70% of empty printer cartridges throughout the world are discarded.
•    Cartridges take from 450-1,000 years to decompose in landfills.

*Resource:  Green Hippo e-Waste Fundraising Program,  Story provided by the LIGHT Center

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