James Sargent Now Official Democratic Candidate for KY House 53

With the candidate filing deadlines now passed, Lawrenceburg’s very own James Sargent is the one and only Democratic candidate for the Kentucky House District 53.  James, who has been serving on the Anderson County School Board, wanted to give a highlight of what he has accomplished for the schools and the community beyond.

Originally moving to Anderson County in 1987, James saw tremendous support from the community when he lost his house to a fire a short time after moving to the county.  With such outreach, he always wanted to give back to the community. “Throughout my time here, the people I’ve known to love have encouraged and helped me to be what I am today, and I’ve always wanted to give back to them what they gave to me,” James said.

After helping at various organizations like the United Way and CASA of the Bluegrass, he decided to run for a seat at the Anderson County School Board in 2010.  Throughout his campaign, he made it a point to promise to work as hard as he could for the kids at the schools.

And he most certainly has.  Just a short time after winning the election, James became the Kentucky School Board legislative contact for Anderson County.  Being in that position gave him the opportunity to work with politicians both locally and in Frankfort about the needs of the school.  It also gave him the idea that would become a model program for other school districts in the state.

Trying to find a way to really show the legislators in Frankfort what his district needs, he, along with superintendent Sheila Mitchell, created a program where they invited legislators, politicians, and more to tour the schools.  During the tours, lawmakers could see how the schools operated and talk with students, teachers, and staff to get a feel on how their decisions were affecting everyone.

The program would earn James a special award from the Kentucky School Board Association, called the Kids First Advocacy Award.  It would then become a model for other school districts across the state to show lawmakers what the schools need.  He also became a regional chairperson for the KSBA.

As James now runs for a seat in the Kentucky House of Representatives, he continues to advocate for education.  “I believe a good education is needed for everyone,” James said.  He believes that education will keep the middle class from disappearing and will be continuing on this platform as heads into the general election against incumbent Republican, James Allen Tipton.

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