Lawrenceburg Physical Therapy Continues in Family Tradition

Terrence Brown and Brad Briscoe

Located on Glensboro Road, Lawrenceburg Physical Therapy seen a change in ownership last year but still provides a great family atmosphere and awesome care.  The clinic was originally started by Tracy Briscoe who worked for physical therapist, Art Nitz, in Frankfort during the 1980’s.  He then worked with Terrence Brown who joined Art in 1991 before Tracy left to get his own physical therapy degree.  When he was finished with school, he opened his own clinic on Main Street in 1997.  His cousin, Brad Briscoe, started working for him a year later, helping with workouts and became full time a few years later after leaving his job as a strengthening and conditioning coach for the UK basketball program.

The clinic became incredibly popular as the Briscoes strived to provide the best service they could and help the community along the way.  They would eventually move the clinic to the current location on Glensboro Road in 2006 and continue to build their business.  Unfortunately, tragedy would strike, and Tracy passed away in 2014.

However, the legacy of Lawrenceburg Physical Therapy would continue forward.  Pro Active Therapy out of Frankfort, which is partly owned by Art Nitz and Terrence Brown who worked with Tracy in the past, bought the clinic in April last year.  Terrence, along with the other owners of the two clinics, want to keep the same family atmosphere that Tracy built over the years.

“It’s a unique business to this community as it took its roots completely from this community,” Terence said.  And, not only was it built by family, the patients themselves feel like family. “It’s a family business. Everyone knows everyone here,” Brad said.

Terence and the other owners really want to provide amazing service.  “We’re based on quality physical therapy with service that makes people wowed with what they got,” Terrence said as he explained the services they provide, which includes a full array of physical therapy.  They focus a lot on a mixture of orthopedic therapy including sports medicine, post/pre operative rehab, neck/shoulder pain, joint pain, muscular rehab, and more including helping stroke victims.

They also are continuing their community support.  Brad said that they participate with career days at the schools and health fairs.  Along with that, they let students shadow them at the clinic to learn more and see if they are interested in becoming a physical therapist.  They’re also planning on revamping their annual 5k run to include more of the community and schools.

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