Local Wildlife Rescue Asks Community for Help

Conservation Officer David Goodlett stopping by for a pic for support. — with Robin Thompson.

While the Anderson Humane Society helps foster many homeless pets, there’s another animal rescue here in Anderson County that helps wild animals.  Nature’s Haven is a wildlife rescue that helps injured, orphaned, or abandoned wild mammals, saving over 200 animals a year.

With much love and care, Robin Thompson, the director and founder of Nature’s Haven, helps these hurt and young animals in her own home, sometimes for months at a time for a single animal, and then releases them to the wild when they’re ready.  They also serve all the surrounding counties, giving a second chance to many in the region.

But all this effort does come at a cost.  Although Nature’s Haven is a full volunteer operation, they do have costs with feeding, caring, and providing immediate medical care for the animals.  They, unfortunately, do not receive any funding from federal, state, or local governments and only operate from donations, which can be limited at times.

However, there is currently a contest that will give a selected wildlife rescue $1000.  The “Cash for Critters” contest is solely a vote based contest where the rescue with the most votes will win.  Robin is reaching out to our great community to give Nature’s Haven a chance to win.

Voting is easy.  Just head to Facebook here. From there, you can click on “Nature’s Haven Inc., in Kentucky” to vote.  And to make your vote count, click on the “Like Page” button at the top right corner of the post.  Robin thanks everyone for their support.

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