Humane Society Served Meals and Wait Tables for Big Fundraiser

The Anderson Humane Society did something a little different Monday night. The humane society, Bourbon Street on Main, and Walmart teamed up for a great fundraising event where volunteers from both the humane society and Walmart worked together to wait tables, clean dishes, and serve drinks at Bourbon Street on Main which then in turn donated 10% of the proceeds to the humane society for their spay and neuter program.

But the Walmart volunteers weren’t just donating time.  “All of our Walmart volunteers are going to get their hours together and do a grant to raise money for the humane society,” Mark Willard, Walmart assistant manager, said.

And all the help from both organizations attracted many people to eat at Bourbon Street.  Much of Main Street south of Farmer’s Bank was full of cars parked at the side of the road, and the restaurant was full of diners.

According to Karen Tucker, president of the humane society, they were able to raise $1563 alone without a possible $2000 grant coming from Walmart.  She also announced that for anyone who needs to spay or neuter their pets to contact the humane society for assistance.

Owner of Bourbon Street, Eve Guilbault, said this was something she really wanted to do. “The humane society is very dear to my heart…We really wanted to partner with them.  We’re looking forward to partner with them in the future,” Eve said.

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