High School Students Helped Middle Schoolers Learn Social Skills

Yesterday, middle school students met at the American Legion Hall to learn the finer parts of social life with help from high school students.  The Lawrenceburg Junior Cotillion held their first lesson of the new year to a gathering of students from 6th to 8th grades.  The cotillion, which is a program to help teach young men and women to learn traditional etiquette, social skills, and more, attracted a relatively large number of students for the new season.

Last night’s lesson featured a number of great helpers for the middle schoolers as they learned how to introduce themselves, write cards, and dance.  Senior ambassadors, who are high school students that previously attended the cotillion, not only helped setup but also gave the middle school students a boost of confidence through the program.

“They’re the huge success to making all of the kids that join us as members feel comfortable, and they participate along with them to help them feel comfortable and learn some of the social skills that we are trying to teach them,” Meredith Hyatt Lewis, an advisory member for the cotillion, said.

The senior ambassadors also seemed to greatly enjoy the program.  Evan Kays, a sophomore at Anderson County High School, joined the cotillion in 7th grade where it helped her greatly.   “I was just shy and didn’t talk to a lot of people.  But then, I became apart of cotillion and now I’m an ambassador.  Now I can teach other young children how to let loose, talk, dance and make friends,” Evan said.

Dalton Lewis, another senior ambassador and junior at ACHS, agrees with Evan.  “It’s a great experience.  It’s taught me how to dance in public, help me get out of my comfort zone, and go out and help me talk with people.  It’s really helped boost my self confidence,” Dalton said.

It was also a special night for the students and beyond.  The students were given dance lessons from Molly Kays.  Molly, who is performing professionally in a production of American Idiot, gave the students their first dance lesson, focusing on the box step.  They also were given an opportunity to help others by bringing food donations for the local food pantry.  “Our community has been so good to us and they’ve sponsored a lot of our needs…We definitely wanted the kids to give back to the community that has helped us get going,” Tamara Barriger Smith, coordinator and instructor of the cotillion, said.

For more information about the Lawrenceburg Junior Cotillion, check out their Facebook Page.

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