Another Local Resident Wins National Giveaway

Nancy Noel and Carolyn Garnett

For the second time in less than a week, another local resident won the national giveaway at H&R Block.  The accounting and tax preparation company has been giving $1000 to 1000 winners everyday for the first 32 days of tax season across the nation for those who file their taxes with them.  And, the local H&R Block office at Eagle Lake seems to be quite lucky.

Following Roney McKinney’s $1000 win just a short time ago, Nancy Noel received her $1000 check this past Saturday.  Nancy, who has been using H&R Block to prepare her taxes for over twenty years, never expected to win the giveaway.  “I was just like, wow, I won.  You figured it was going to happen, but I never won anything before,” Nancy said.  She said that she is planning on buying items that she needs and wants.

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