Clowning Around Lawrenceburg

Paul and Kathy Bransom

A local resident has been making both young and old smile for over twenty years.  Paul Bransom, who is a long time Lawrenceburg resident along with his wife Kathy, decided to try something different after graduating college.  During his time at school, working full time and attending college part time, he kept seeing posters for “Clowning for Fun and Profit.”

Before graduating, he thought about going back and taking the clown class just for the fun of it.  Once he was done with college, he went back and took the class.  After finishing the class, he was hired by an agency in Texas and started performing at birthdays, parties and more.  He then joined a class for gospel clowning and learned how to perform at churches and create his own clown ministry.

Through the years, Paul has created two different clown characters, Klutz E Klown and Catfish Clown.  Klutz E, an Auguste clown, is based a lot on himself.  “He’s the biggest klutz,” his wife, Kathy said.  “They don’t trust me with power tools,” Paul added.

Today, Paul works for Fedex during the week and becomes a clown during the weekends.  He performs a lot for company picnics which helps pay for the time he volunteers at churches where he does clowning classes for children and adults.  Once he is able to retire from Fedex, he wants to continue clowning full time.

Paul recalled a time during one of his performances where someone was afraid of clowns.  At a company picnic, one of the workers of the catering service was extremely afraid of clowns.  But his good nature and patience helped her overcome her fear and by the end of the picnic, she was taking selfies with him.

For more information about Paul and Klutz E Klown and to book him for picnics, birthday parties, charity events and more, check out his website.

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