Head Football Coach Thanks KORT and School Leaders for Making Game Safer

Coach Mark PeachCody Carey and Steven Herrenbruck Working on an Excercise

Yesterday, KORT Physical Therapy held a number of interviews to see how they are helping the community and patients. During one of them, head football coach at Anderson County High School, Mark Peach, talked about the various benefits KORT has provided to the school after being contracted by the Anderson County school system this past summer to provide a certified athletic trainer.  Mark said that he was very grateful for the school leaders for bringing in Steven Herrenbruck from KORT to help with injuries during this past year’s football season, which has seen the most injuries out of all the time he’s coached.  He indicated that more often than not, injured players will say they’re physically alright and want to return to the game even though they may have suffered from an injury and playing could compound the problem.  Since coaches aren’t trained in recognizing athletic injuries, Mark is glad to have an athletic trainer on the field to quickly evaluate injuries and call in necessary medical staff if needed.  “Anything we can do to make it a better and safer game is great,” Mark said.

Cody Carey, an ACHS senior and a player for the football team during this past season, was one of the players that was helped by Steven.  Towards the end of the season during the 4th quarter at an away game, Cody, who was playing defensive end, went to tackle an opposing player, but before he could, he was hit by his younger brother.  Hearing a snap, he thought for sure his arm was broken.  He lost feeling in much of it and couldn’t move his fingers.  Steven quickly ran blood flow tests to make sure he was still receiving circulation in his arm before splinting it and sending him to UK Hospital.  While there, doctors found that much of the injury was nerve damage.  Steven then got Cody to see a specialist to further evaluate the injury.  After the specialist provided a special cast, Steven worked with Cody with specific exercises to rebuild strength and feeling.  In just a short while, he regained enough strength to finish out the season and continue on for his plans to attend college as a football player.

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