Local Resident Wins National Giveaway

Roney McKinney and Carolyn GarnettJeanine Barrett, Carolyn Garnett, Stacy Jensen

Across the nation, H&R Block has been giving away $1000 to a 1000 people who file their taxes with them for the first 32 days of tax season.  And, although many thousands file with H&R Block every day throughout the country, a local Lawrenceburg resident won one of the $1000 giveaways.  Roney McKinney received his $1000 check today and was completely in disbelief when he learned that he won.  “I don’t have any luck. My wife checked her email, and she said we won that $1000. I said you’re crazy,” Roney said.  He said that he will be spending the $1000 mostly on paying bills and buying groceries.

Office manager for the H&R Block location at Eagle Lake, Carolyn Garnett, presented Roney with the check today.  Carolyn, who has been working at H&R Block for 25 years, said that she files everyone’s tax returns like as if it was her own and will find every credit and benefit for her clients, including researching everything to make it perfect.  Outside of tax season, she works on her farm, planting tobacco and taking care of her grand kids.

Along with the others at H&R Block, they file numerous types of tax returns, including personal, businesses, farms, truck drivers, and more.  They also back their work and one of the owners of the local franchise, Michael Curtis, will even represent any local client to the IRS if there is ever a problem.

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