Community Shows Amazing Support for Postal Workers

The snow started falling this morning and many businesses and government agencies are now closed.  But, one service will continue most likely through the day despite the rising snow fall.  The United States Postal Service rarely closes its doors and carriers will be braving the cold and snow.

Jacob McNaghten, a city carrier with the Lawrenceburg Post Office, has seen a number of bad storms through the years.  Getting the mail and packages out to everyone’s doors and mailboxes becomes much more difficult with snow.  Jacob said, “Snow changes everything when you’re out here delivering.  You can’t see gullies and ditches in the road and peoples planters for gardens. You gotta be paying extra attention.”

Despite the harsh conditions, residents of Lawrenceburg do give a helping hand to help the brave men and women delivering the mail.  “The people always take care of us,” Jacob said.  “I don’t know how many people have come out on the cold days and gave me coffee, hot chocolate, or even a pack of hot hands. People in this town really look out for their mailmen, and we really appreciate it.”  Jacob also said that by clearing walkways and around mailboxes would help tremendously with their job.

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