Kroger Keeps up with Emergency Snow Shoppers

With the impending snowaggedon, people have been flocking to the local stores, gathering supplies in preparation for the big storm.  The Lawrenceburg Kroger has seen a major influx of shoppers through much of the day, with many people buying milk, eggs, and bread.  Nat Weathers, a manager at the Kroger, said, “With the snow scare, everybody is cleaning us out.  Bread, rolls, eggs, milk are hot items.  We can’t keep them on the shelves.”

Although customers are buying these items faster than employees can replenish them, they still seemed to have a decent stock which was actively being moved out to the shelves at around 4pm.  Kroger customer, Martha Baker said, “They have bread and they have milk.  It looks pretty good.  We’re surprised.”

Although the storm is expected to cause a major impact on the area, Kroger will still remain open tomorrow despite the weather.  Head pharmacist, Jennifer Riney, said, “We’ll be here, snow or shine.  However deep it gets, we’ll still be here.”

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  1. am proud of you cousin Burnett for the wonderful job you are doing there as a manager and being on top of things by keeping the store sticked with plenty food and supplies for the community there for the expected bad weather because ithelps them to know that they will be able to stick up on extra food and etc.I

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