Antiques Hit the Road to a New Location

Located towards the north end of town off of US127, Vintage Uniques has been offering an amazing selection of antiques and collectibles for over a year and a half.  Originally located next to Eagle Lake Convention Center, they recently moved to their new location in the same building as Lane’s Diner on the other side of Eagle Lake.  Owner, Tonya Peach, said that the new location is much larger than the previous location, giving her more space to offer more items.

“I have been totally excited to expand my business,” she said.  “Now we have 2000 square feet of totally open area. It is already full but there is room for more.” She now has more furniture, glassware, and other great collectibles.  She also will be bringing in more items from storage locations to continually fill the store.  So be sure to check out the new location and enjoy the great selection of antiques and collectibles.

For more information about Vintage Uniques, check out their Facebook Page.

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