Community Supports Humane Society in a Very Big Way

The Anderson Humane Society has been receiving many donations, some the size of a small home, to help repair the adoption center and give more storage space.  For the new year, the humane society created a maintenance fund campaign where the community donated to the society to help repair the adoption center.  Painting the walls, replacing the floors, and building a roof for the outdoor cat enclosure are all on the list of repairs.  They were able to raise an amazing $2400 for all the repairs.

But, there was one very large donation that came on the back of a flat bed truck.  Gwyn and Ron Bernot, owners of Tabby Town which fosters homeless cats, donated a very large shed to the society.  The shed, which used to house the Bernot’s cattle, was cleaned, painted, and fixed up for the humane society.  The society then had the shed moved to its new location and will be used for much needed storage of food, supplies, and other items.  Karen Tucker, president of the society, said, “We are not only so thankful to Gwyn and Ron, but to all the donors that are helping with our fundraising campaign.”

With the current donations, the humane society is in need of volunteers to help with painting, replacing the floor, etc.  They also need more donations to purchase a used van to help with their adoption events and donation pickups as well as the 127 Sale and Rummage Sale.  If you are interested in volunteering or donating, contact the society through their website or Facebook page.   McCourt Landscaping

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