Pangemanan Chiropractic Continues to Help Patients and Community at New Location

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Located at the north end of town, Pangemanan Chiropractic has not only been helping patients of all ages but the community as a whole as well.  Having opened their practice 11 years ago at Eagle Lake, husband and wife chiropractic team, Doctors Arthur and Rebecca Pangemanan, have built a thriving practice.  And, just a short time ago, they decided to move their practice across US127 in the building next to Century 21 Real Estate to give them more opportunities to expand.

Dr Arthur Pangemanan became interested in chiropractic when studying in Lincoln, Nebraska, for his undergraduate degree.  At the time, one of his friends was injured severely while water skiing.  Paralyzed from the waist down, she sought medical treatment from different surgeons and doctors but none were able to help restore her ability to walk.  Another friend suggested to her to see a chiropractor as she had nothing left to lose.  Incredibly, she was able to walk just 20 minutes after the first adjustment.

This success story inspired Dr Arthur to look into chiropractic.  After shadowing 7 or 8 chiropractic offices, he decided to enroll at Palmer College of Chiropractic.  While attending, he met his future wife, Dr Rebecca, who was inspired to become a chiropractor from her hometown chiropractor who taught her about how the nervous system can keep the entire body well.

After graduating, they decided to work with a chiropractor in Louisville for a short while but decided they wanted to open their own practice in a small town.  Searching around the area, they settled on Lawrenceburg because of its small town feel, low crime rate, job growth, and location between Lexington and Louisville.

During their 11 years in Lawrenceburg, Drs Arthur and Rebecca have helped countless patients feel better and heal from injuries.  Dr Arthur sees many pediatric chiropractic cases and has helped many children, some just hours old, recover from injuries, especially those incurred at birth. Dr Rebecca, who sees many extremities cases, has helped many with wrist, ankle, and other joint related problems. Together, they treat the whole body from the young to the elderly, using very gentle techniques.

But they don’t just help people needing chiropractic adjustments.  They also give back to the community.  They have donated thousands of dollars last year alone to multiple organizations including the Open Hands Food Pantry, Relay for Life, the Anderson Humane Society, Backpack Buddies, and more.  They also host a number of fun events throughout the year to help various causes.

Now at their new location across from Eagle Lake, Drs Arthur and Rebecca hope to continue growing their practice and are currently in the process of adding the third doctor into the practice.  For more information about Pangemanan Chiropractic, check out their website and Facebook page.

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