Community Continues to Give Back to Family that Helps Others

Saffell Street Teachers, LIGHT Center Volunteers, and Robert RankinBryan Proctor and Luis VelasquezPastor Bob EhrJoel MaudeRobert Rankin and Joel MaudeSaffell Street Teachers Removing CarpetSaffell Street Teachers Removing CarpetVolunteers and Dynamic Restoration Crew Demolishing InteriorVolunteers and Dynamic Restoration Crew Demolishing InteriorBryan Proctor and Donna Crain Drury Cleaning Temporary ApartmentBryan Proctor and Donna Crain Drury Cleaning Temporary ApartmentLight Center and Saffell Street Staff Cleaning Temporary ApartmentSaffell Street Principal Todd WoolridgeBryan Proctor and Larry Drury Moving Donated FurnishingsSaffell Street Principal Todd Woolridge

A truly amazing community of teachers, companies, individuals, and volunteers have come together to help a family in need as a way of giving back to those who help others.  Little over a week ago, we covered the story of the Rankin family who needed help fixing their home.  Patricia Rankin, who has volunteered many, many hours at Saffell Street Elementary School, reached out to her daughter’s teacher, Joel Maude, to see if he could help in any way.  Joel and many teachers at the school then came together and cleared and prepared the home for renovation to help the Rankins as a way of giving back.

But, the teachers didn’t stop.  During these last ten days, Saffell Street teachers including Joel Maude, Jared Scott, Jeff Eller, principal Todd Woolridge, and many more have worked on removing carpeting, woodwork, and more at the house.  They’ve also helped clean and prepare a temporary apartment for the Rankins.

Then, the rest of the community started helping after seeing all the work the teachers have done.  Dynamic Restoration, a local roofing contractor, has pledged to install a new roof and has already helped with the demolition of the interior of the house.  “We’ve put hearts and people together,” owner of Dynamic Restoration, Luis Velasquez, said.  “I want to do the roof for free.”   In addition, Republic Services have donated a large dumpster for all the old materials removed from the house, and Storage Rentals of America have donated storage space for the family’s belongings.

But, the support hasn’t ended there.  First Baptist Church has been incredibly helpful to the cause.  They donated furnishings and bedding for the temporary apartment.  Pastor Bob Ehr along with volunteers from the church also helped with the interior demolition at the old house.  After reading the original story and being asked for help by Linda Young from the LIGHT Center, Pastor Ehr said, “We put the word out, and ten or so have shown up [to help demolish the interior].”

Coordinating all this amazing outpouring of help, the LIGHT Center has been remarkable.  Headed by Bryan Proctor along with volunteers including Larry and Donna Crain Drury, the LIGHT Center has brought everyone together.  They’ve also helped in the demolition at the old house and cleaning and setup at the temporary apartment.

However, according to Bryan, the project still has a long way to go.  They’re in need of the following construction supplies to start reconstruction:

1.)  105 pcs of 4×8 – 1/2 inch drywall
2.)  32 Gallons (7 5 Gallon Buckets) of Drywall Mud
3.)  5 Rolls of Drywall Tape
4.)  20 pcs of Corner Bead
5.) 38 Rolls of R-13 Insulation 15”
6.) 4 Rolls of R-13 Insulation 24”
7.) 103’ of Gutters
8.) Plumbing Repair
9.) Electrical Repair & Inspection

They will also need finishings for the house in the future including flooring, paint, doors, cabinets, counter tops, light fixtures, HVAC, and more.  If you would like to donate any of these items, please contact Bryan Proctor at 859-509-1999.  Financial donations are also accepted through the LIGHT Center’s secure and tax deductible online donation page.

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