A New Stress Relief Comes to Lawrenceburg

A new trend is sweeping the nation and has now come to Lawrenceburg.  Although originally just for kids, coloring books for adults is becoming extremely popular as a way for stress relief and fun as well.  A number of them even made the top 20 books list at Amazon.com.

Starting in December, the Anderson Public Library has been offering group coloring sessions for adults as a way to relax and have fun with fellow coloring book enthusiasts.   “We’ve had a lot of people telling us about the coloring books and even bring them in,” Laurel Sisler from the library said.  “We’ve been trying to put together a little group so people can come in, share, and relax.”

Participants in the group have really enjoyed being able to share and have fun.  Amanda Lindsey, who was attending this past week’s session, said that she went to a December session and had a lot of fun coloring Christmas themed pages.  “It’s just really relaxing to sit down and not have to worry about anything and focus on just coloring,” she said.

For more information about the program, check out the library’s website.  To see when the next session will be held, check out our event calendar.

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